About Me.

Hi, I am Fatima – who loves nature and lifestyle .A mum of two and an Interior Decorator and a foodie. Its only from few months that I learnt how food choices can actually prevent and reverse so many illnesses and diseases. Its actually amazing that so many people are unaware of it and even the doctors that we go to don’t recommend to check/change our food choices. And if they too its not structured as per the patients needs . My journey started from the last 4 months when after trying all possible medications for my daughter – who was suffering from a hair loss problem. I spent 4 plus years trying out everything possible & its only now that a friend recommended to this holistic health coach / nutritionist, and from that time we have seen some major improvement. That’s when I started researching online about food choices and started following so many doctors and health coaches on their blogs and you tube channels and joined the certification course with this same doctor/nutritionist. So now I have completed the Nutrition & Disease management health coaching program where I can counsel families on health issues as per age groups, and counselling on nutrition for patients with lifestyle diseases, autoimmune conditions & cancer.

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