No Bake Energy Balls

No bake energy balls are a perfect healthy option especially for people like me who have a sweet tooth . These energy balls are gluten free and sugar free too. These easy to make energy balls are packed with nutrition and provides you with instant energy. You can have it anytime whether at breakfast or for in between hunger pangs or while craving for sweets. Can be taken to office as a dessert snack after lunch or can be given to school and college kids too.

Making it is super fast and easy-peasy:)





Almond Butter or Peanut Butter.

Dessicated Coconut.

Maple syrup/Honey Optional ( I didn’t use any).


Mix all the above ingredients and give it a blitz. Once grinded make them in shape of balls and roll them in dessicated coconut.

Then put it in a glass container/box and keep it refrigerated. Use as and when required.

Healthy & Tasty Energy Balls
Gluten Free & Sugar Free.

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