10 Things to incorporate in your daily life / routine.

  1. Stay hydrated : drink plenty of water , can also have coconut water.
  2. Switch to cold press coconut oil or Olive oil instead of the usual vegetable oil.
  3. Try to eliminate any form of sugar and sugary foods from your diet.
  4. Switch to Pink Himalayan salt or Sea Salt instead of white iodised salt.
  5. Include a lot of greens in your diet .
  6. Eliminate processed foods.
  7. Include healthy fats such as nuts(almonds, walnuts) seeds(flax, chia, pumpkin,sunflower)
  8. Avoid dairy and dairy products as its not pure – though yogurt is good as its a good source of probiotics.
  9. While having chicken or eggs ensure that they are organic and hormone & antibiotic free.
  10. Have Fish which are enriched with good fats and Omega 3, such as Salmon, Mackerel, Anchovies, Herring Trout & Sardines.

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