Poha (Flattened Rice) Healthy Breakfast Ideas.

Poha – Healthy Breakfast Ideas.

Poha or Flattened Rice is a healthy breakfast option . It healthy, delicious & Gluten Free. The recipe is as follows :-


Poha/Flattened Rice (Washed & Drained)

Oil or Ghee ( as per choice)

Onions – finely chopped

Carrots finely chopped(optional)

Green Peas (optional)

A spoonful of mustard seeds

A spoonful of Zeera/Cumin seeds

1-2 Dry Red chillies.

Fresh corriander leaves – finely chopped

2-3 Green chillies – slit from the middle or finely chopped (as per preference)

Few curry Leaves

Plain roasted peanuts (optional)

A little bit of organic turmeric

Salt to taste (sea salt or pink himalayan salt)


In a pan put little oil , add cumin seeds, mustard seeds and dry red chillies. Once it starts to splutter, add the finely chopped onions, saute it for some time and also add some curry leaves and green chillies, once the onions are translucent add the washed and drained poha , add salt, turmeric, veggies of choice, fresh corriander leaves, remaining curry leaves n green chillies and mix it well. Cover it and cook it on a low flame for 2-3 minutes. Meanwhile if you want to add plain roasted peanuts – roast them in another seperate pan and add it in the poha ( i generally have stopped putting peanuts now but in this particular one i did put ) .

Serve Hot.

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