Fermented Beetroot Juice.

Fermented Beetroot Juice.

Fermented Beetroot juice has many benefits , since it contains a lot of a Vitamin C and the process of fermentation increases it even more , thus it helps in building immunity , as it increases the absorption of iron, so its highly recommended for people who have iron deficiency. It also helps cure bloating, constipation & diarrhea as it contains beeficial intestinal bacteria. Healthy and clean intestines forms basis of good mental & physical health. It also has a beneficial effect on the circulatory system and helps lower the blood pressure. It contains a natural pigment called ‘Bethanine’ which works as a detoxifier and promotes the proper Ph levels of acids in the stomach and has a protective effect on the liver.

Method to make Fermented Beetroot Juice:-

Take 3-4 beetroots, wash it and peel it and then cut it into small pieces or slices, add it in a glass jug/container, fill with water, add some sea salt and mustard seeds. Cover it with a muslin cloth and leave it in your balcony or garden for around 3 days. If you see some froth on top thats perfectly fine, just remove the layer and consume daily . Keep it refrigerated. Use it within 3-4 days and then again make a fresh one.

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