Benefits of Holistic approach to Health & Wellness.

Holistic health / holistic healing is a form of healing that looks at a whole person in form of mind, body & spirit.

As much as people have become more aware of the above but at the same time they  also experience high levels of stress &  fatigue. They are consuming nutrient depleted foods & are exposed to many harmful chemicals through air, water, cleaning products and so on. That’s why holistic care is very important.

Holistic health also takes into account the many external and environmental factors which could be supporting or impacting our overall health and wellness, and with climate change impacting our surrounding environments more and more each day, it is important that we have a systematic way of addressing health in the future.

The 5 aspect of Holistic Health includes:-

  1. Emotional
  2. Physical
  3. Social
  4. Mental
  5. Spiritual
  6. Spiritual :- Purpose, Being in the present.

1.Emotional Health : emotional health is most often over looked but it is as important as our Physical health as it can effect our physical health if not prioritized. Ways that we can support our emotional health are:

a)By practicing mindfulness & stress reducing habits by meditating twice a day , once in the morning & once before sleeping. Do deep breathing exercises.

b)Start Journalling – write down your thoughts.

c)Seek therapy when needed .

2.Physical Health : it’s the most important and we can follow these simple steps in our daily life from which we can benefit and it makes a huge difference in the overall well-being.

a) Eat a nutrient dense diet that is high in plant-based foods and  organic/pastured animal products.

b) Maintain a balanced blood sugar by eating meals and snacks that contain fat, carbohydrates, and protein every 3-4 hours.

c) Limit processed foods and hydrogenated oils which are highly inflammatory and can increase risk of chronic disease.

d) Do not smoke, and  avoid excessive alcohol consumption.

e) Move your body for 30 minutes each day. While every person’s exercise routine will be different, everyone can benefit from at least 30 minutes of movement each day.

f) Sleep for 8 hours each night. This will allow your body to truly rest and repair from the day.

3) Social Health: research shows that happiest people have deep connections with people from their families, friends and community.

You can support your social health in the following ways :

a) Get involved in your community whether its at your kids school, or an NGO or any other organization , as this is the best way to keep you occupied & happy.

b) Set boundaries with people . Don’t be afraid to walk away from negative & toxic people in your life as it will only bring negativity and unhappiness in your life.

c) Make time for personal interactions, though we are connected to our family & friends through the social media but still personal connections make a huge difference .

4) Mental Health: mental health often overlaps our emotional & physical health. Our emotional health basically refers to our moods and emotions whereas our mental health refers to our cognitive abilities of how our brain works and functions.

Ways you can support your mental health is by incorporating these simple daily habits such as

a)Challenging your brain and keeping it active by learning new things.

b)Have foods that are rich in antioxidants and omega-3 as it’ll help improve inflammation and support the cognitive function. Have foods that heal your gut as the gut & brain are directly connected to each other , so a healthy gut is essential for a healthy mind.

5)Spiritual Health : Spiritual health doesn’t mean being religious. It means how you connect with your inner soul & the world around you. Ways you can support your spiritual health can be

a)By spending time in nature & by meditating.

Wellbeing isn’t just about being happy, wealthy/successful or in good physical health/wellness.  It is about a combination of our love for what we do each day, the security of our finances, the quality of our relationships, the vibrancy of our physical health and our role and contribution to communities (Rath & Harter 2010). 

Lifestyle modification,diet, exercise, social interactions, stress levels and even levels of happiness, our approach to healthcare needs to take an holistic approach and address all areas of wellbeing. And that’s where a Holistic Health Coach or Therepist comes in.

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