Mindful Eating.

image courtesy : google images.

Mindful Eating means focussing by paying full attention to what you are eating. It’s about noticing how the food tastes & what nutrients it has. By mindful eating you get to enjoy the tastes of the food you’re eating , without craving for unhealthy foods. By mindful eating you can gain control over your eating habits. Mindful eating is about developing awareness of how your food tastes . It helps you distinguish between between emotional hunger and physical hunger. It can help prevent binge eating .

One can practice mindful eating by following few of these simple steps:

1. Eat slowly.

2. Don’t rush your meals.

3. Chew your food thoroughly.

4. Avoid distractions like TV, Social Media or Phone.

5. Avoid comfort eating due to stress.

6. Enjoy the taste of the foods that you’re eating.

As much as mindful eating takes practice but once you’ve got a hang of it , it comes naturally. It’s a powerful tool to regain control of what you’re eating & helps reduce binge eating and emotional eating and makes you feel better. It also helps promote weight loss too.

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