Mushrooms & Broccoli Stir Fry .

Mushrooms & Brocolli Stir Fry


Mushrooms :- 500 GMs or one bowl .

Brocolli :- 1 medium size . ( cut in florets)

Bell pepper(any colour)- 1 ( cubed) .

Red Chilli Flakes:- as per taste .

Garlic :- 6-8 pods sliced .

Pink Himalayan Salt :- as per taste .

Olive Oil :- 1 teaspoon .

METHOD:- in a pan add oil , then add garlic , once it’s golden brown , add the Brocolli and then the bell pepper , add red chilli flakes and salt . Sauté it for sometime till the broccoli is cooked then add the mushrooms along with 2 tablespoon of water . Cover it and cook on simmer Till the mushrooms are done . You can have this stir fry with quinoa or rice .


Stir fry veggies are quick to make and are healthy & delicious. Broccoli has vitamin C & K along with Fibre & folate . It’s enriched with anti inflammatory properties as well.Mushrooms have fibre & protein and full for long,as mushrooms have anti inflammatory properties so if eaten with broccoli it can help reduce inflammation in the body .

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