Journaling is one of the most simple and profound tool to enhance your well-being whether it’s mental , emotional , spiritual or physical .

Journaling is the practice of writing down your thoughts & feelings . It’s a powerful way of developing more self understanding & compassion. It’s a way as to how you process your daily life events .

You gain more clarity and insight about your mind and emotions, leading to heightened self-awareness. The more self-aware a person is, the more well-adjusted, grounded and balanced they will feel, despite what is going on around them. Therefore, journaling helps us to find inner stability and gives us the ability to untangle ourselves from self destructive forms of behavior and negative thought patterns.

Thanks to my mom who gave me this good habit to write down everything daily in my diary at the end of the day as to how my day went , what I did . And I still have this habit to write down whatever is going on in my mind .

It gives clarity to my thoughts . So enjoy and benefit from this practice. Though I don’t journal on a daily basis but whenever I do it helps me clear my head from all the thoughts that are bothering me and I feel much calmer . It helps bring perspective to the situation .

When you make time to journal – you make time for yourself particularly your inner self .

Even if you feel that journaling is not for you – still give it a try for a week or two & witness it’s benefits .

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